About Us

Of all things, Love is the most potent. – Maria Montessori

Our School

189410_10151145360831211_279582622_nUniquely different from traditional day care, Meadowbrook Montessori offers a child-centered curriculum that encourages independent thinking. Since 2003, owner Johnnie Carney and school Director Barbara Muir have strived to bring excellence to the Snellville community using the Montessori philosophy at Meadowbrook.

The school, housed in a completely renovated residential property, provides a carefully planned, stimulating environment, which allows children to develop basic habits, attitudes, skills and ideas that are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.

The goals established for Meadowbrook Montessori are to encourage a positive attitude toward learning.
“Love of Learning” – Montessori students develop an intense love of learning.
“Solid Self Esteem” – Montessori students develop self discipline through guidance of the teachers, who are called guides, Guides set the example for them through both freedom and limitations found in the classroom.

The Montessori philosophy also encourages the development of initiative, persistence and concentration. Meadowbrook Montessori serves children of all faiths, ages 6 weeks to 6 years old.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a quality alternative education for your child in a Christian environment through the use of Montessori materials and the application of the Montessori philosophy. We are confident that by choosing our school, your child will be given the opportunity to think, create, and develop self-confidence in an environment that nurtures your child’s natural desire to learn.

Our Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that the goal of early childhood education should not be to fill the child with facts from a pre-selected course of studies, but rather to cultivate a desire to learn within the student.

In the Montessori classroom this objective is achieved in two ways; first by allowing each child to experience the enormous delight and satisfaction of learning by his own choice; and second, by helping to perfect all his natural desire for learning, so that his ability will be at the maximum in future learning situations.

Montessori materials have this dual long-range purpose, in addition to their immediate purpose of giving specific information to the child during their most absorbent years (from birth to the age of six). It is upon this philosophy that Montessori educators urge parents to make an investment in their child’s education, while the absorbent mind is at its peak for spontaneous learning.