Young Children’s Community (ages 6 wks to 3 yrs)

Every child is a unique individual that needs to be understood, respected, admired and unconditionally accepted as a precious gift of life.

What is a Young Children’s community?

toddler9A Young Children’s Community (YCC) is a class in which children ages 6 weeks-3 years are given the opportunity to learn using traditional Montessori methods. Our community is divided into two flexible subgroups. The “nido” (which is derived from the Italian word for “Nest”) for children ages 6 weeks to 15 months and our toddler environment for children ages
15 months -36 months. There is an open door
feel between the two rooms creating a strong community atmosphere.


NIDO Program (6 weeks to 15 months) >>

Toddler Program (15 months to 3 years) >>

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