We strongly recommend Meadowbrook Montessori for preschool education.  Our daughter spent almost 3 years in the primary classroom led by the wonderful Mrs. Dudek, whose love and guidance has shaped our daughter’s crucial years and made a lifetime impact.  We have seen a wonderful transformation in her from a very shy and quiet girl to a confident and outspoken girl who is now excelling in public school kindergarten.  The obvious things Meadowbrook Montessori gave us during those few years were a safe place that feels like a second home, wonderful Montessori materials that stimulates the young minds, beautiful and peaceful surroundings despite the convenience of the location, and Director and staff who genuinely love and care for each individual children.  As parents, we couldn’t imagine wanting more.  The most important characteristic that Meadowbrook Montessori has given our daughter, even though intangible, however, is the love of learning.  She continues to display that love of learning in public school and is constantly receiving praises from her teachers.  We will always be grateful to Meadowbrook Montessori and to Mrs. Dudek for building such important and valuable characters in our daughter that we hope would carry her through life.

– Mink Maddox


My oldest attended Montessori all the way through 5th grade and my youngest through 1st grade! Amazing education for children! I have incredibly independent thinkers and doers for children.

– Allison Long Grier


“Meadowbrook has fostered a leader in our daughter who has problem solving and creative thinking skills at only 6 years old. We are so pleased with her amazing progress!”

– The Quiceno Family