Tuition Agreement

10 Monthly payments ( Starting August 1st – May 1st )12 Monthly payments ( Starting June 1st – May 1st )Semi Annual ( Payments are due June 1st & Dec. 1st / 1.5% discount)Tuition paid in full / 3% discount /due June 1st

* When choosing 10 monthly payments, prepayment of May tuition is due at time of enrollment.

* All tuition payments are due before or on the 1st day of each month. A late fee of $75.00 will be added to your account on the 5th day of each month.

* Beginning on the 10th day we will add a 1.5% interest rate each month

* Unless special written arrangements have been made in advance, you will be required to remove your child from school if full payment of tuition and late fees are not received on or before the 15th day of the month.

* Post - dated checks will not be accepted.

* Children are admitted for the full academic term. Your Parental Contract is not subject to an adjustment of fees due to illness, absence, holidays, vacations, or voluntary withdrawal from school.

*The following fees are not refundable:
1. The application fee
2. The material fee
3. Tuition

Our school calendar is located in your Parent Handbook; please keep it close for reference. If Gwinnett County Schools close due to inclement weather, we are likely to close as well.

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Parents will be responsible for all collection costs of school tuition and fees along with attorney charges incurred by Meadowbrook Montessori School, Inc. related to this agreement and the Parental Contract.

I have read and understand the Tuition Agreement and Parental Contract set forth by Meadowbrook Montessori School, Inc., and agree to abide all policies set forth.

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